Winter Skin Saviours

Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, most of us experience dehydration during the winter months. A combination of the cold weather and blasting the heating can leave our skin feeling tight, dry, dull and flakey. These are my top five products for getting that glow back!

1. Weldea skin food moisturiser
This moisturiser is a game changer for dry skin! I am yet to find another face cream that leaves the skin looking dewy and hydrated all day long. If you are dry go for the Rich texture, if you are more oily try the light texture. Even if you have no time for makeup the glow this gives to the skin alone is beautiful. Apply as you would your normal moisturiser AM and PM or you can use it just on the high points of face as a highlighter.

2. The body shop drops of sun
If you are feeling a bit see-through but don't really want to false tan (it can feel like effort) this is an instant way of giving a bit of summer glow back to the skin. These multi taking drops can be used alone or mixed into your moisturiser or foundation to give an instant sun kissed look. It’s not false tan, so it won’t develop it will just wash off when you remove your makeup. I personally apply it just after moisturiser using a brush or sponge. Apply to areas as you would when applying bronzer- so cheeks, around the hair line and I take a little to the neck to blend.

3. Cream blusher
During winter I tend to mostly use cream products- this is the best way to get the glow back to the skin, but I also find creams quicker to apply and easier to blend so win win. If you don’t have a cream blusher the cheapest way to get the look is to use your lipstick. Simply draw a few dots on the apple of your cheeks then pat to blend with a sponge. If you want to treat yourself I recommend the cream sticks by SOSU by Suzanne Jackson. These sticks are so creamy and easy to blend and enriched with vitamin E so will hydrate the skin too, bonus!

4. Lansinoh nipple cream
It’s a bit of a makeup artist kit secret but nipple cream is the best lip balm you will ever use! For what was originally created to soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples it literally does the same for your sore cracked lips!

5. Dior forever skin correct concealer
This is the nicest concealer I’ve tried in a long time. It’s very creamy and moisturising, yet still has enough coverage to conceal dark circles and imperfections. If you don’t have much time simply dot this on the face where you need it then blend using a brush or sponge, no need for foundation, there’s a great shade range too.

Happy shopping!