Profhilo - The latest trend, but what is it?

Do you want fresher, firmer, more hydrated skin? But without a harsh and invasive treatment. Well, Profhilo will be perfect for you!

The aim of profhilo, unlike other treatments available, is to encourage our body to produce more collagen by promoting tissue repair. The amount of collagen we produce declines constantly as we age so this is a huge selling factor for the treatment.

“Profhilo has unique, regenerative powers and can achieve complete facial rejuvenation and hydration using its innovative bio-modelling approach. It stands out from other treatments because it contains the highest, and purest, concentrations of hyaluronic acid ­– without any chemical agents – that works to improve the skin’s structure and keeps working weeks after the treatment. You’ll visibly see the results in your skin, where it’ll be firmer, with lines and wrinkles diminished, and your overall complexion looks – and feels – tighter. It’s one of the more natural anti-ageing injectable treatments we offer!” –

Profhilo is great for firming and tightening skin so is extremely popular not just on the face but other areas such as the neck and hands. It is also said to be a great way to improve hydration and skin quality in general. Another benefit to this treatment is there is minimal to no downtime, the results are natural, and it is deemed suitable and safe for everybody!

For the best results you will need a minimum of 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart! Results are said to last up to 6 months but as it helps to change the way collagen is produced it could last for a further 3 months than this.

Disclaimer: This is not a marketing blog. It’s Motherhood have written this blog based on research and feedback, you should ensure that any treatment you undertake is done by a fully qualified professional and your medical history should always be taken into account.

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